Monde des petits - Les petites princesses du monde en anglais

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Les petites princesses du monde en anglais

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Les petites princesses en anglais pour les enfants.
Hi guys! My name is Melly.
I have put on my prettiest dress and now I want to be a real princess.
But what must I do?

If you want to be a real princess
It’s not just about the beautiful pretty dress
Princesses are all good and nice
Just follow our princess advice.

I don’ want to say hello
And I never say please or thank you, huh! that’s for babies

A real princess must always say please
Brush all her teeth after eating cheese
She will never never never be rude
And finishes all her food.


No, no, no, that’s mine.
I don’t want people playing with my toys.
And especially not you.

A real princess will lend her toys
To girls and even to boys.
A real princess is giving and kind
And is generous, you will find.


Mum, I don’t want to eat my dinner, I’m not hungry.
I want to eat chocolate and sweets.

A real princess is in a happy mood
She doesn’t refuse to finish her food.
A real princess doesn’t eat lots of sweets
Otherwise she would have very bad teeth.


What? How come my( little) brother has a bigger present than mine!
I want a bigger present than his.

A real princess will always be thankful
And is often incredibly grateful
She is at peace like a beautiful dove
A real princess is easy to love.

Thank you Princesses for your advice
I will remember to be good and nice
Share, be grateful and say thank you
If I can do it, then so can you!

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